FREE New Mokuru Fidget Roller

FREE New Mokuru Fidget Roller

FREE New Mokuru Fidget Roller


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Bored of fidget spinners? A fidget roller is an amazing unique fidget desk toy with simple spinner stick design - it's great for adults and kids! It's very easy to flip, roll and do fidget roller tricks and is a good choice if you're looking for a toy to kill time with your friends, release anxiety, train concentration or sharpen your focus and hand-eye coordination

You can play by yourself at home or office or class; you can also play with your friends at party, bar or camping or anywhere; there are no limits. The fidget roller is still enough to slip it into your pocket so you're ready to roll at any time.

How to use: Simply Tip the stick over gently, and it will flip; use your hands to balance and flip it left to right or up and down; after you’re familiar with the basics skills, try to practice advanced skills by creating more shapes and moves; you can play several sticks at the same time, more interesting and more challenging. Supplied in assorted clours


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